A sample of my past and current research on
Contact and Variation in Malayalam and Language Development & Emergence:

Contact and Variation in Malayalam


Flexible Constituent Order

Acceptability of non-basic constituent orders in Malayalam, which allows all six logical permutations of subject, object, and verb, is predicted by verb position.


Geminates and Loanwords

Evidence from English loanword adaptation shows that geminates are moraic in Malayalam, as are word-final clusters which violate native constraints.


Adjunct Islands

Formal acceptability tasks show that Malayalam obeys adjunct island constraints despite their relatively high acceptability.

Language Development & Emergence


Measuring Articulatory Reduction Using the Kinect

Formal changes associated with diachronic change in ASL can be measured over the course of a gestural communication game conducted in the lab.


Number Morphology in Child Homesign

Child homesigners exhibit paradigmatic structure in their encoding of (non)cardinal number.


Path and Manner in Child Homesign

Turkish and American homesigners produce gestures representing complex motion events, combining path and manner in a single gesture.


English Verb Acquisition

A longitudinal corpus study tracking onsets of literal and non-literal uses of motion verbs in 18 children.