Web interface to Cortical Surface Database

Many sites do not currently have access to cortical surfaces. Our goal is to make our software publically available. In the interim, we provide an html interface to one of its main parts to provide an immediately available service to people who don't currently have access to cortical surfaces but who may have large sets of imaging data in standard 3-D coordinates. One common request is to determine where on the folded, unfolded, or flattened cortical surface (even somebody else's specific cortex) their 3-D point lies. Our initial demonstration service has can two several things: It is also possible to generate and download (gray) VRML versions of the surface for local rendering. An initial version of this service is available here (back online!). The current demonstration server does not maintain state between queries, so the turnaround time for each request is about 40 sec. However, if you have a VRML viewer, you can download a point cloud or surface that can be manipulated locally.

Here are 36 unfolded hemispheres from our current data base.

For implementational details, see Dale and Sereno (1993), Sereno et al. (1995), Fischl et al. (1999), Dale et al. (1999).

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