SDSU Foundations of Neuroimaging (PSY 569/769)

Fall 2022

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lecture01 - - Introduction: Resources, Assignments, Lectures Overview
lecture02 - - Hardware, Quantum Mechanics, Spin vs. Precession
lecture03 - - Bloch 1st term, Dot/Cross/Complex Products, Explaining Precession

lecture04 - - Bloch Equation1: What Affects Precession, T2 Decay, T1 Decay/Regrowth
lecture05 - - Bloch Equation2: How to Solve Simple Differential Equation For T2 Decay
lecture06 - - Bloch Equation3: T1 Sol'n, Geometrical Bloch Summary, Simple Matrix Ops
lecture06b - - Bloch Equation4: Matrix Version of Equations and Solutions

[Mon: holiday]
lecture07 - - Rotating Coords, RF Coils Stimulate and Record
lecture08 - - Signal Equation, Vector Sum of Local Magnetic Vectors
lecture08b - - Spectroscopy Analogy (Garden Path!) and the Origin of MRI

lecture09 - - Phase-sensitive Detection, Rotating Coord System, S/N
lecture10 - - Free Induction decay, T2 Decay versus T2* Decay
lecture11 - - Spin Echo, Spin Echo Amplitude
lecture11b - - 3 RF Pulses: Spin Echo and Stimulated Echo Trains

lecture12 - - Gradient Echo, Begin Tissue Contrast: Saturation-Recovery
lecture13 - - Inversion Recovery (no echo), Spin Echo Pulse Sequence
lecture14 - - Fast Gradient Echo, Signal-to-Noise
lecture14b - - Extended Phase Graphs, MDEFT

lecture15 - - Fourier Transform #1: Complex Multiply, FT of Real Sig as 2 Correlations
lecture16 - - Fourier Transform #2: Orthogonality, Time/Space -> Temp./Spat. Freq, Examples
lecture17 - - Fourier Transform #3: K-Space Center, Complex-Valued Image (one k-space point!)
lecture17b - - Fourier Transform #4: Inverse FT as Corr w/cos,sin, Spikes Pick, FT Pairs

lecture18 - - Gradients, Slice Selection, Convolution, RF Pulse Frequency Band
lecture19 - - Common RF Pulses, Interleaved, Motion, PreScans, Tilted Slices, Fat Saturation
lecture20 - - Frequency Encoding, Correct Intuition: It's Actually Phase Encoding
lecture20b - - Magnetization Transfer Contrast, Off-Resonance Excitation

lecture21 - - How Frequency and Phase Encoding Do a Fourier Transform of Brain
lecture22 - - 3D Scans/Pulse Sequences, How Gradients Move Position In k-Space
lecture23 - - Image Reconstruction, Discrete Fourier Transform, Sampling k-Space
lecture23b - - More Echo Details: SE vs. STE Amplitude Equations, Hyperechoes

lecture24 - - Gibbs Ring, Field-of-View (FOV), Vox Size, Over/Under-Samp, Freq Aliasing
lecture25 - - 2D Slow and Fast (Turbo) Spin Echo Pulse Sequences and k-Space
lecture26 - - Really Fast Spin Echo: Variable Flip Angle Scans (SPACE)
lecture26b - - General Linear Inverse Reconstruction: Dealing with Imperfect Phase 'Stripes'

lecture27 - - Fast Gradient Echo: SSFP, FLASH, MPRAGE
lecture28 - - Echo-Planar Imaging, How Local Coils Allow Undersampling (GRAPPA, SENSE)
lecture29 - - Simultaneous Multi-Slice (multiband), echo volume imaging(3D EPI)
lecture29b - - Quantitative Motivation, PreScanNorm, T1OverT2, MP2RAGE

lecture30 - - 2-Flip-Angle Quantitative T1 With SE/STE B1-Mapping, Why Spin-Echo BOLD
lecture31 - - 2D Spiral, 3DFSE Spiral, Radial/BLADE, 3DFSE Spiral, Wave-CAIPI MP-RAGE
lecture32 - - Phase and Freq Shift Fourier Theorems, How Local B0 Defect Causes Shift
lecture32b - - Per-Slice and Motion Navigators, EPI vs. Spiral Distortion, Gradient Non-linearities

lecture33 - - Diffusion: Weighting, b-value, Gaussian Diff Tensor, Eigenvaluse Problem, MD, FA
lecture34 - - Tract Tracing, Length Scale by Multiple b-vals, Practical DTi Pulse Seq
[Fri: holiday]

lecture35 - - Arterial Spin Labeling (CASL, PASL, pCASL), Spectroscopy Imaging
lecture36 - - Fourier Analysis of 'Phase-Encoded' Mapping Stimuli, Convolution by HDR
lecture37 - - General Linear Model: Deconvolution, Nuisance Factors, Versions, Significance
lecture37b - - General Linear Model: Geometric Visualization of Significance Calc

lecture38 - - Recon Surface: Normalize, Segment, Smooth, Region Grow, Make Surface

lecture39 - - Derive Vertex Update Rule for Normal/Tangential/Image Error Terms
lecture40 - - Spherical Morph Using Sulcal Depth (sulc), Display Average Data
lecture41 - - Cortical Circuitry, Microelectrodes, Cortical Areas, Scalp Electrodes
lecture41b - - Gradient/Divergence/Curl; Direct Imaging Membrane Pot

lecture42 - - Potential, Electric Field, and Derivation of Current Source Density
lecture43 - - 1D CSD in Depth, 2D CSD On Surface/Scalp, Dipolar Geometry Cortical Sources
lecture44 - - Electric/Magetic Statics Maxwell Eqs, Monopole/Dipole, Forward Solutions
lecture45 - - Why Localize?, Minimum Norm Inverse Solution, Noise-Norm'd View of Solution

lecture46 - - Min Norm Point-Spread, fMRI Constrained, Surface-Normal Problems, Using Sensor Covariance

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