Cognitive Science 275--Visual Modeling: Biological and Computation Vision


Marty Sereno -- sereno -AT- cogsci -- office: CSB 171, by email appt
Jochen Triesch -- triesch -AT- cogsci -- office: CSB 143, by email appt
class: Thu 12:00-2:50 PM, CSB 180

book: H.-P. Mallot
papers: links on this site
[first week: in folders in cogsci lunchroom]

20 min. presentation of paper(s) from literature on one of topics below (following lecture)
bi-weekly Matlab assignments
either: (1) modeling project with 5-10 page write up, or (2) longer critical literature review

Lecture Topics: (Winter 2003 -- this page:

Week of 1/6 -- Introduction to Computational Neuroscience

Week of 1/13 -- Orientation and Edges

Week of 1/20 -- Neuro Motion

Week of 1/27 -- Computational Motion

Week of 2/3 -- Stereo and other Depth Cues

Week of 2/10 -- Shading and Color

Week of 2/17 -- Segmentation, Grouping, Object Recognition

Week of 2/24 -- Eye Movements and Active Vision

Week of 3/5 -- Attention

Week of 3/12 -- Catch-up, Class Presentation of Projects