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Me in Inner Mongolia
Occupation: Linguistics student
Cohort: Nth-year
Advisor: Gabriela Caballero
Office: AP&M 4331
Email: lscarroll


S. linguist var. lucianus is currently a graduate student at UCSD, but it has previously been spotted in the wild on the other side of San Diego at SDSU, up the coast at UCSB, and occasionally in other biotic zones. In the past, it has been known to inhabit an obscure city in Zhejiang, China, and (prehistorically) the Llanos of central Colombia, in close proximity to others of the linguist species. Characteristic behaviors include consuming a variety of foraged literature and lining the nest with electrical cords.

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My dissertation research focuses on the tone and prosody of Ixpantepec Nieves Mixtec, including both phonological description and acoustic analysis.

Other ongoing or recent research projects include:

I've had significant linguistics coursework at three different southern California universities.

  • In my undergraduate, I was a physics major at UCSB, doing a linguistics major just for fun.
  • In the masters program at SDSU, I had quite a few computational and corpus linguistics classes with Rob Malouf, Eniko Csomay and Mark Gawron. I had a couple psycholinguistics classes with Soonja Choi too.
  • At UCSD, I've had more core linguistics courses in phonetics and phonology (with Amalia Arvaniti, Sharon Rose, and Eric Bakovic), syntax and semantics (with John Moore, Grant Goodall, and Ivano Caponigro), as well as a couple more computational linguistics courses (with Andy Kehler and Roger Levy), some field methods (with Gabriela Caballero) and a couple psycholinguistics courses (with Robert Kluender and Rachel Mayberry). And I took the CHD seminar that Farrell Ackerman ran, so I've had at least one class with each of the current UCSD linguistics faculty.

At UCSD, I've acted as teaching assistant for LIGN101 Intro to Linguistics, LIGN174 Language and Gender, INTL101 Culture and Society in International Perspective, LIGN119 1st and 2nd Language Learning, LIGN8 Languages and Cultures of America, and LIGN111 Phonology.

Before coming to UCSD, I taught EFL full time at Zhejiang Normal University: Oral English for the first and second year students in Chuyang Honors College, and English Writing for second and third years majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.

At San Diego State, I taught Ling 101 (Intro to Language) and served as GA for Ling 420 (Linguistics and English) in Fall 2005. During the 2004–2005 school year I served as GA for the Looking Glass Neighborhood after-school program.