These maps may be useful in getting the "big picture" concerning African habitats. Note that detailed maps of individual sites are found under those sites; these are at national or larger scales.

African Forest Atlas
The following maps are from
Sayer, J. A., Harcourt, C. S. & Collins, N. M. (1992). The Conservation Atlas of Tropical Forests: Africa. New York: IUCN/Simon & Schuster.
and are reproduced here by permission of the IUCN (copyright holder) and the World Conservation Monitoring Center (WCMC) where the maps were generated. Many of them (and many additional materials!) are available at their websites; click here to go directly to the WCMC archive of rainforest maps. Many thanks to both organizations for permission to use the materials here. NOTE: only countries with significant rainforest cover are included here.

Each button image below is linked to a larger version of the map. The approximate locations of major ape study sites are indicated by name in red (e.g., "Lomako") on the larger versions. To economize on file size, not all the maps have full keys; if this is a problem let me know. Meantime, in general light green represents lowland rainforest, darker green is swamp or montane forest (it should be obvious), and dark green along coastlines is mangrove. Dark red stipling indicates existing conservation areas (1992) and pale stipling indicates proposed conservation areas.

Guinea Sierra Leone Liberia Cote d'Ivoire

Nigeria Cameroon Central African Republic Rio Muni
(mainland portion of Equatorial Guinea)

Gabon Northern P. R. Congo Southern P. R. Congo Northwestern D. R. Congo

Northeastern D. R. Congo Western D. R. Congo Southwestern D. R. Congo Southeastern D. R. Congo

Uganda Rwanda and Burundi

Africa vegetation map This map is from the University of Texas Library Online map collection and is reproduced here as per the permission statement on the Library's home page--many thanks! I plan (eventually) to add the ape study sites to the map.

Click the figure for a larger version (over 600k).

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