Mt. Assirik, Senegal

Brief History

Research in the Parc National du Niokolo-Koba (environs of Mont Assirik) was conducted by members of the Stirling African Primate Project between 1976 - 1979; this study remains the longest-term project on "savanna" chimpanzees. It has been protected from all hunting since 1950 and is a relatively intact ecosystem.

Primary sources for the following: Baldwin et al. (1982), McGrew et al. (1981).


Name: Parc National du Niokolo-Koba, aka Mt. Assirik
Location: Senegal, 12° 53' N, 12° 46' W
Status: National Park
Area: Park is 8130km2; study area roughly 50km2
Altitude: roughly 100-311m (the peak of Mt. Assirik)
Temp: mean daily maximum: 35°C (highest max: 44°C); mean daily minimum: 23°C (lowest min: 16°C)
Rainfall: 954mm/yr (N=4 yrs); 7 dry months/yr (where dry = less than 1/24 of mean annual total)
Vegetation: 55% grassland, 37% woodland, 5% bamboo, 3% forest
Park founded in 1925, all hunting banned in 1950; no people live within park except for guards and tourist camps.
Disturbance ratings -- 1, 1?, 1, 2, 1
more than 15km?
P. t. verus, Papio papio, Cercopithecus sabaeus
0.09 individuals per km2
Fauna: includes Panthera leo, P. pardus, Crocuta crocuta, Lycaon pictus, Syncerus caffer
Feb. 1976 - Dec. 1979
Habituation: Poor
Continuous while project running
Conservation: ---
Methods: Indirect evidence, all occurrences
Habitat photos ---
Maps ---
Aerial photos ---
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