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Recent Articles

"Populism in Place: The Economic Geography of the Globalization Backlash" (with Jeffry Frieden and Stephen Weymouth).  International Organization (Firstview  2021). Data and code available at the Dataverse Network


“Explaining Foreign Support for China's Global Economic Leadership."  (With Zhiwen Zhang and Gaoyang Wang)  International Organization 74, 3 (Summer 2020): 417-452. Data and code available at the Dataverse Network.

“Global Capital Markets. Housing Prices, and Partisan Fiscal Policies."  (with Ben W. Ansell and Thomas Flaherty) Economics & Politics 30 (2018): 307-339. 

“Policy Responses to Balance-of-Payments Crises: The Role of Elections."  (with Maya J. Duru and Jeffry A. Frieden) Open Economies Review  27, 2 (April 2016): 207-227.

The Politics of Rescuing the World’s Financial System: The Federal Reserve as a Global Lender of Last Resort. Korean Journal of International Studies 13, 2 (August 2015): 323-351. Data and code available at the Dataverse Network.

Exchange Rates and Industry Demands for Trade Protection  (with Seth H. Werfel). International Organization 68, 2 (May 2014):393-416. Data and code are here.

Government Partisanship and Property Rights: Cross-Country Firm-Level Evidence  (with Stephen Weymouth). Economics & Politics 25, 2 (July 2013): 229-256.

Partisan Financial Cycles. In Politics in the New Hard Times: The Great Recession in Comparative Perspective. Edited by David L. Lake and Miles Kahler. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2013.

The Political Economy of International Monetary Policy Cooperation (with Jeffry Frieden). The Encyclopedia of Financial Globalization. Edited By Gerald Caprio. Elsevier Publishing Inc. 2012.

The United States Congress and IMF Financing, 1944-2009. The Review of International Organizations 6, 3 (September, 2011): 341-368.  Data and code available at the Dataverse Network.

The Effectiveness of Monetary Policy Anchors: Firm-Level Evidence (with Michael Plouffe).. International Organization 64, 4 (Fall 2010):  695-717. Data and code available at the Dataverse Network.

Congressional Voting on Funding the International Financial Institutions. The Review of International Organizations 3, 4 (December 2008): 351-374.Data and code available at the Dataverse Network.

Exchange-Rate Policy Attitudes: Direct Evidence from Survey Data (with Jeffry Frieden and Stephen Weymouth). 2008. IMF Staff Papers 55, (3): 417-444. Data and code available at the Dataverse Network.

Congressional Politics of Financing the International Monetary Fund (with Michael Brewster Hawes). International Organization 60, 2 (Spring 2006): 367-399. Data and code available at the Dataverse Network.

U.S. Domestic Politics and International Monetary Fund Policy (with Michael Brewster Hawes). In Delegation and Agency in International Organizations. Edited by Darren Hawkins, David A. Lake, Daniel Nielson, and Michael J. Tierney. Cambridge University Press, 2006. Data and code available at the Dataverse Network.

The Political Economy of Exchange Rates (with Jeffrey A. Frieden). In The Oxford Handbook of Political Economy. Edited by Barry R. Weingast and Donald Wittman. Oxford University Press, 2006.

Changing IMF Quotas: The Role of the United States Congress. In Reforming the Governance of the IMF and the World Bank. Edited by Ariel Buira, pp. 283-308. London: Anthem Press, 2005.

Congressional Politics of International Financial Rescues. American Journal of Political Science 49, 3 (July 2005): 479-496. Data and code available at the Dataverse Network.

Paying for Privilege: The Political Economy of Bank of England Charters, 1694-1844 (with Richard S. Grossman). 2004. Explorations in Economic History 41, 1 (January): 48-72.

Political System Transparency and Monetary Commitment Regimes. International Organization 56, 4 (Autumn 2002):863-889.  Data and code available at the Dataverse Network.

  • Reprinted in International Monetary Relations in the New Economy. Edted by  Benjamin J. Cohen.  Edward Elgar, 2004. 
  • Translated into Spanish as Politica Legislativa de Rescates Financieros Internationales. 2004. La Gaceta de Ciencia Politica, Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico, 4, 1 (Summer):53-86.

The Political Economy of Monetary Institutions. (with William Bernhard and William R. Clark). Introduction to a Special Issue of International Organization on the Political Economy of Monetary Institutions. 56, 4 (Autumn 2002):693-723.

  • Reprinted in Key Concepts in the New Global Economy. Edited by David A. Baldwin. Edward Elgar  Publishing, 2012. 
The Political Economy of International Monetary Relations. (with Jeffry Frieden). Annual Review of Political Science 4 (2001): 317-43.
  • Reprinted in International Institutions. Edited by Judith Goldstein and Richard Steinberg. Sage Publications, 2009.

Origins of the Federal Reserve System: International Incentives and the Domestic Free-Rider Problem.  International Organization 53 1 (Winter 1999): 39-70.

"The Origins of Central Banking: Solutions to the Free Rider Problem." International Organization 52, 2 (Spring 1998): 231-268.

"The Domestic Politics of International Monetary Order: The Gold Standard." In Contested Social Orders and International Politics. Edited by David Skidmore, pp. 53-91, Nashville, TN: Vanderbilt University Press, 1997. 

  • Reprinted in International Political Economy: Perspectives on Wealth and Power. 4th- 5th editions (2000 and. 2010). Edited by Jeffry A. Frieden, David A. Lake, and J. Lawrence Broz.  New York, NY: W.W. Norton.



    http://www.cornellpress.cornell.edu/jacket/broz.international.gif International Origins of the Federal Reserve System (Cornell University Press, 1997).

Reviews can be found in the following journals (click on the links to see scanned copies):

Journal of Economic History (by Mark Toma)

Political Science Quarterly (by Peter Gourevitch)

H-Net Reviews in the Humanities and Social Sciences (online - by David C. Wheelock)

American Historical Review (by Anna J. Schwartz)

American Political Science Review (by Andrew J. Taylor)

Journal of American History (by Wyatt Wells)

Harvard International Review (by Jeffry Frieden)


    http://mitpress.mit.edu/images/products/books/9780262524148-medium.jpg  The Political Economy of Monetary Institutions. Edited with William Bernhard and William Roberts Clark (MIT Press, 2003).


  http://books.wwnorton.com/books/webad.aspx?id=4294992839  International Political Economy: Perspectives on Power and Wealth 6th Edition. Edited with Jeffry A. Frieden and David A. Lake (W.W. Norton, 2017).


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