Research on Post-secondary Education

James A. Levin

University of California, San Diego


  • Science of Distributed Learning Center
  • Gestalt Principles for Web Design (with Stephen Palmer & Leila Takayama)
  • The Learning Artifacts Study (with Cynthia Carter Ching & Jeanine Parisi)
  • Memorable Story framework (with Doe-Hyung Kim)
  • Web Evaluation Workbench
  • Taxonomy of educational uses of technology (with Chip Bruce)
  • TSE Research Portal
  • METER Project (with Renee Clift, Bridget Arvold, et al.)
  • VizIT: Vizualization of Information Tool Project / UIKnow (with Dan Kauwell et al.)
  • Online Master of Educaton in Curriculum, Technology, & Education Reform (CTER OnLine)
  • Web prompters (with several students)
  • The Interactive Paper Project (IPP) (with Jim Buell)
  • International Journal of Educational Technology
  • The Computer Companion Project (with Dan Kauwell; funded by Yamaha Motor Corp.)
  • The TEbase Project (with Sandy Levin, Jim Buell, Brian Pianfetti)
  • Web-Enabled Databases (TCD, CTERbase) for Computer-Supported Collaborative Evaluation (with Jim Buell)
  • Educational Network Project Assistant
  • Educational Network Project Guidelines
  • Project I-57 (with Paul Sundberg)

  • Last updated: October 10, 2007