A Time Gestalt Principle Example: Common fate
Click inside the random figure below. Do you see any pattern? Those things that move together are seen as being together.

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Controlling animation
  • <mouse click> start/stop figure animation
  • <space> randomizes display
  • '<' or '>' decreases/increases density

Changing figure properties

  • 'R' toggles figure rotation
  • 'T' toggles figure translation
  • 'S' toggles figure between square and circle

Changing filler properties

  • 'D' changes dot (background filler) shape
  • 'C' changes dot (background filler) color
  • 'F' toggles filling of dots

Known Bugs

  • Background doesn't rotate for square. Looks goofy.
  • Non-line dots don't actually rotate - they just revolve around the center.
  • Lines beginning in the shape but ending outside aren't clipped.

This Java applet was developed by Adam Doppelt <amd@marimba.com>
Here is the applet source code.

If this Java applet doesn't load, check your browser preferences to enable Java.
Last updated: February 9, 2003