I am a specialist in theoretical syntax, which means that I study how words are joined together to form sentences in particular languages, with an eye towards creating a model of how this works in human language in general. I have worked especially on Spanish, English and Chinese, dealing with issues such as the syntactic representation of argument structure, the interplay between wh-movement and the subject position, and the formal representation of phrase structure. My current work focuses on wh-dependencies and what they can tell us about the nature of grammar and the role of working memory in syntactic phenomena. I do this work in the Experimental Syntax Lab at UCSD, which I direct.

 I also work on using findings from linguistics, psychology and cognitive science to improve second language teaching and learning. This involves the creation of materials to produce a more effective environment for language acquisition in classroom settings. The main result of this project so far has been Conectate: Introductory Spanish with co-author Darcy Lear.

 Parallel Structures in Syntax     Contemporary Research in Romance Linguistics      Conectate

Selected publications:

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Selected presentations:

       ■    New evidence on D-linking. (presented at CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing 2013). Poster

       ■    (Adjunct) islands and the finiteness effect. With Dan Michel (presented at CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing 2012). Slides

       ■    Do resumptive pronouns ever rescue illicit gaps in English? With Bethany Keffala (presented at CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing 2011).  Poster

       ■    What is experimental syntax good for?  Keynote address at UTASCILT 18.  Slides

       ■     Subject-Verb Inversion and Verb Finiteness are Independent in Spanish.  With John Grinstead and Mariana Vega-Mendoza (presented at Hispanic Linguistics Symposium 2010 and Boston University Conference on Language Development 2010).  Poster   Slides

       ■     Comparing three methods for sentence judgment experiments. With Shin Fukuda, Dan Michel, and Henry Beecher. Annual Meeting of Linguistic Society of America, Baltimore (January 2010).  PDF

       ■     Experimenting with wh-movement in Spanish (Presented at LSRL 38, University of Illinois, April 2008)  PDF