Uricho Purépecha Field Methods class with Mr. Héctor Rodríguez - March 2011

Dissertations directed

Lucien Carroll (Search quality engineer, Expect Labs)

Ixpantepec Nieves Mixtec word prosody (co-chaired with Eric Bakovic) (2015)


Andrés Aguilar (3rd year PhD student) (co-advised with Marc Garellek)

Dissertation committees

Rodolfo Mata (Dissertation chair: John Moore)

Melanie McComsey (UCSD Anthropology) (Dissertation chair: John Haviland)

Amanda Ritchart (Dissertation chair: Marc Garellek)

Scott Seyfarth (Dissertation chairs: Farrell Ackerman and Marc Garellek)

B.A. theses advised

Richard Kroeger - Ideophones in Korean (co-advised with Sharon Rose)

Courses taught at UCSD

Lign 8: Languages and Cultures of America

Lign 120: Morphology (Undergraduate)

Lign 152: Indigenous Languages of the Americas (Undergraduate)

Lign 240-241: Field methods (Graduate)

Recent languages:  Ja’a Kumiai (Yuman; Mexico); Ixpantepec Nieves Mixtec (Tu’un Savi; Oto-Manguean; Mexico), Purépecha (isolate; Mexico)

Lign 248: Graduate Morphology seminar

  1. -Empirical methods in phonological and morphological research (2016)

  2. -The Phonology-Morphology Interface (2013)

  3. -Multiple Exponence (2011)






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