Linguistic Fieldwork Working Group

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The UCSD Linguistic Fieldwork Working Group aims to provide an informal forum to discuss:

* Data and working hypotheses of analyses in the beginning stages

* Emerging field research methodologies in language description and documentation

* Software, equipment and annotation tools for fieldwork-based projects

* Language field research projects in related disciplines taking place at UCSD.

When: every other Friday, 1pm-2pm

Where: Field lab (AP&M 2452)

Spring 2013 schedule

F 4/12: Sharon Rose - Tundra Nenets polyfunctionality

F 4/26: Lucien Carroll and Hope Morgan - ChronoViz and ELAN (new developments)

F 5/10: Lucien Carroll and Andrea Guerrero - Ixpantepec Nieves Tu’un Savi data day

F 5/24: John Haviland - elicitation tools for working with emerging or undocumented

            sign languages

F 6/7: Laura McPherson (UCLA): Tone-tune association in Tommo So (Dogon) folk


Previous meetings

Winter 2013

F 1/18: Farrell Ackerman - Tundra Nenets polyfunctionality

F 2/1: Valentina Torres (Familia Indígena Unida) - Tu’un Savi (Mixtec) language and


F 2/15: Lucien Carroll - “Ixpantepec Nieves Mixtec word prosody'”

F 3/1: No meeting - grad open house

F 3/15: Sharon Rose & Andrew Hsiu - research project stemming from Languages of

             Africa class

Fall 2012

Tu 10/23: Ryan Lepic - Elicitation or Experimentation?: Gathering Sign Language and Gesture Data

Tu 10/30: Hope Morgan on recent fieldwork on Kenyan Sign Language (KSL)

Tu 11/6: Rodolfo Mata on fieldwork for Border Spanish Project

Tu 11/20: Gabriela Caballero on Rarámuri morphology (practice talk)

Tu 12/4: data day - Lucien Carroll on Ixpantepec Nieves Tu’un Savi

Spring 2012

Tu 4/10: Farrell Ackerman on Tundra Nenets syntax

Tu 5/22: Sara Goico (Anthropology) on transcription issues for work on sign languages and gesture

Tu 6/5: data day - Lucien Carroll on Nieves Mixtec phonology

Winter 2012

Th 2/9: tools and software for large language corpora - Russ Horton

Th 2/23: issues on practical orthographies

Th 3/8: data day - Hope Morgan on stimuli for field research; Sharon Rose on Moro syntax

Participants:    Farrell Ackerman                   

                       Gabriela Caballero

                       Lucien Carroll

                       Sara Goico

                       Andrea Guerrero

                       John Haviland

                       Ryan Lepic

                       Rodolfo Mata

                       Shane McClain

                       Hope Morgan

                       Sharon Rose

                       Alex Stiller-Shulman


Organizers:     Gabriela Caballero and Sharon Rose