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Before retiring in July of 2014, I routinely taught the following undergraduate courses.

Distributed Cognition (upper division, undergraduate) Cognitive Science 102A (Fall 2013)

Cognitive Ethnography (upper division, undergraduate) Cognitive Science 102B (Winter 2013)

Hands On Computing (lower division, undergraduate)  Cognitive Science 8 (Spring 2013)

Postdoctoral Students


Seifert, Colleen  

Colleen was my very first postdoc. She helped me understand the data I had collected on the bridge of navy ships. She went to sea herself on the USS Denver and made valuable additional observations. We wrote a paper together (Seifert CM & E Hutchins.  Error as opportunity:  Learning in a cooperative task.  Human Computer Interaction, 7:409-435, 1992.)

Current position: 

Professor of Psychology
Univeristy of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Hazlehurst, Brian 

Brian was a graduate student in UCSD's Interdisciplinary Program in Cognitive Science. His home department was Anthropology. Like me, Brian was an anthropologist with computer programming skills. I helped to supervise Brian's dissertation. When he had completed his Ph.D. I hired him as a postdoc.

Dissertation Title: Fishing for cognition : an ethnography of fishing practice in a community on the west coast of Sweden. Published 1994

Current position: 

Medical Informatics Investigator,
Kaiser-Permanente Center for Health Research,
Portland, Oregon.


Holder, Barbara E.

Barbara completed her Ph.D. dissertation under my supervision. I hired her as a postdoc on my NASA grant studying aviation automation safety. Barbara was a perfect choice for this work, having done a dissertation on flight training, and being a pilot herself. She now supervises my work on our Boeing funded research on flight operations at airlines outside the US.

Dissertation Title: Cognition in flight : understanding cockpits as cognitive systems.  Published 1999

Current position: 

Technology Fellow, Honeywell | Aerospace


Nomura, Saeko

Saeko came to our lab with a Ph.D. in informatics from Kyoto University. When the Boeing project started up, our first study targets were airlines in Japan. Saeko joined our team where she made critical contributions. It is no exaggeration to say that we could not have done the work in Japan (and in the flight decks of Japanese airliners) without her. She has also conducted field work for this project in New Zealand and in the US.


PhDs Supervised

Flor, Nick V. 

Dissertation Title: Dynamic organization in multi-agent distributed cognitive. Published 1994


Hazlehurst, Brian (See above)


Halverson, Christine A. 

Dissertation Title: Inside the cognitive workplace : new technology and air traffic control.  Published 1995

Current position: 

Research Staff Member in Social Computing at IBM's T. J. Watson Research Center.

Holder, Barbara (See above)


Hayward, Michael Brent  

Dissertation Title: Reverse-engineering emergent collective behaviors in an evolved swarm system.  Published 2003


Williams, Robert Frederick 

Dissertation Title: Making meaning from a clock : material artifacts and conceptual blending in time-telling instruction.  Published c2004

Current Position:

Assistant Professor of Education
Lawrence University
Appleton, Wisconsin


Alac, Morana  

Dissertation Title: How Brain Images Reveal Cognition:
An Ethnographic Study of Meaning-Making in Brain Mapping Practice. Published 2006

Current Position:

Assistant Professor
Department of Communication
University of California San Diego

Becvar, Amaya 

Dissertation Title: Dissertation:  An Ethnographic Investigation of the Evolving Dynamics of a Learning Ecology
Published 2008


Forster, Deborah

Dissertation Title:  A State-Space Approach to Social Complexity and Distributed Cognition in Olive Baboons (Papioanubis): Rethinking the Role of Behavioral Analysis in Socio-Cognitive Research Published 2012

Current Position: Research Staff, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, UCSD

Renner, Nan

Dissertation Title: Free to Explore a Museum: Embodied Inquiry and Multimodal Expression of Meaning. Published 2013

Current position: Program analyst, Center for Research in Education Equity, Assessment and Teaching Excellence, UCSD. 




Current Doctoral Students

Jeremy Karnowski

Whitney Friedman