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Content created: 2012-08-29
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"Flashcard" Quiz Maker

Format Rules,

Overview: This form allows you to submit a text file and have my CGI script turn it into a functional, self-contained flashcard-style practice quiz like the sample. Each quiz is configured so that a student is presented with terms and asked to imagine a definition before clicking on the term to receive the definition you provide.

Form to Submit Data:


Quiz Title

Optional Additional Line Printed After Instructions

Flashcard Items


Format Rules:

The text file must be configured as follows:

Save the finished quiz onto your own hard disk and put it into your own web site. Be sure to change the name to something ending in ".htm" or ".html" when you save the quiz. Save it as "HTML only," not "complete." (The latter destroys the code in new versions of IE.) Double-check the downloaded version to make sure it works perfectly.

My program does not keep a copy of your input or of the output it creates, so if you do not save it, it is gone.

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