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Multicultural Computer Demon
Exorcism Page

Use this page to exorcize random demons from your computer. You will be assisted by shamans from various societies.


  1. Click on the yin-yang symbol in the middle.
  2. Slowly pass your mouse over each of the shaman pictures, clicking a different number of times on each one. Remember that the shamans are working hard for you as you are doing this. You can help by thinking (or muttering) to yourself: "No more demons!"
  3. When you can no longer remember which shamans were originally facing which direction, click again on the yin-yang symbol.

El Chamán del Norte
El Chamán del Oeste
El Yinyang El Chamán del Este
El Chamán del Sur

Caution: Fleeing demons sometimes lodge in snails, spiders, cockroaches, or other small house pets.

If that happens, place the affected animal immediately in front of the screen, hit your browser's "reload" button, and repeat the exorcism.

The webmaster takes no responsibility for damage done by displaced demons. (Why are you keeping snails and cockroaches as house pets anyway?)