Alex was very lucky to have co-authored papers with some wonderful collaborators.  These are the fruits of those labors:

Adele E. Goldberg and Alex Del Giudice. “Subject Auxiliary Inversion: A Natural Category.”
Linguistics Review 22. 2-4: 411-428

"Methods for measuring pitch "elbows" with Ryan Shosted and Amalia Arvaniti Poster presented at the ASA Annual meeting at Honolulu (2006)

He presented his work at:

The 8th International conference on the Evolution of Language (Evolang8)

The 33 Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development

The 4th Joint Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America

The 1st SignTyp conference

Someday, he hopes to publish his own work and this is where you would find it if you were looking for it.  But there's nothing here now, not yet.  Except, maybe his unpublished, preliminary work on the phonological processes of ASL Compound Formation.

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