These are websites that Alex freqents (does one 'frequent' a website?) and would like to share with those who care.


Language Log: A handful of linguists informing the public
Linguist List: A community of linguists informing each other
Phonoblog: A sub-community of linguists informing each other
phpSyntaxTree:  Makes pretty syntax trees, easy to use
Treeform:  Makes prettier syntax trees, hard to use
The Glossary:  An indespensable tool as you learn how to talk the talk

Other Academic

Astronomy Pick of the Day: One of my first loves in science, the cosmos
Cognitive Daily: One of my second loves in science, the mind
Free academic podcasts: For Autodidacts everywhere
MITopencourseware: For Autodidacts in the lower 48 states
Athena:  Classics in the public domain available on-line (if you're into that sort of thing)
IntraText:  Other texts in the public domain, also in the digital world
Fundamentals of Statistics: A basic introductory course on stats
Wikipedia (English): The best online encyclopedia ever
Free Statistics:  A big list of free stats software, because who's got $400+ for SPSS?
MooM:  The Museum of online Museums


CPI: Making sure that the people know what their elected officials are doing
World Press Review:  Learn what people are saying about stuff
TAL: That radio show where those hipsters talk about how interesting regular people are.
docuticker:  Catching the stories that fall through the cracks
Scitech Daily: Pop science and technology news
NPR: Barnone the best news agency we've got (I just wanted to use the word barnone)


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