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Department of Psychology
UC San Diego

Principal Investigator

David Liu
David Liu, Ph.D.


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David studies the development of conceptual knowledge and children's causal understanding of the social world. He uses behavioral and EEG/ERP methods to study theory of mind, trait reasoning, and other aspects of social cognition.

Graduate Students

Kimberly Vanderbilt
Kimberly Vanderbilt


Catherine Hicks
Catherine Hicks


Ryan Stolier
Ryan Stolier


Lab Manager

Amy Kaestner
Amy Kaestner


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Baby Sun God

Alexis Alvarez
Yasmine Ahrestani
Naheed Azim
Christina Callegari
James Le
April Sutherland
Elyse Sunshine
Sena Inukai
Carol Wong
Rochelle Lorkovic
Soo Lee
Jenny Wong
Naima Dahir
Edvina Mathus
Sonia Yen
Michael Ng
Keely Tietjen
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