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Computational & Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

PI: Angela Yu SSRB 246
Associate Professor Dept. of Cognitive Science & Halicioglu Data Science Institute
ajyu(at) University of California San Diego

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Prof. Yu's group uses mathematically rigorous and algorithmically diverse tools to understand the nature of representation and computations that give rise to intelligent behavior, with particular with regard to the challenges posed by inferential uncertainty and the opportunities afforded by volitional control. Using diverse machine learning and statistical tools, such as Bayesian statistical modeling, control theory, reinforcement learning, and information theory, the group develops theoretical frameworks and mathematical models to explain disparate aspects of cognition: perception, attention, decision-making, learning, cognitive control, active sensing, economic choice, and social interactions. Dr. Yu's group mainly specializes in theoretical modeling, but also utilizes various experimental methods, e.g. behavior, eye-tracking, fMRI, to help develop and validate the theoretical concepts. In addition, the group collaborate with a number of experimentalists on a range of topics related to human and animal cognition, including neural and psychiatric impairments. More details here.

Click here to watch an interview of Dr. Yu by Girl's Angle, a non-profit organization whose mission is "to foster and nurture girls' interest in mathematics and empower them to be able to tackle any field no matter the level of mathematical sophistication."

Dr. Yu is on leave from UCSD January-June of 2022, and will be checking emails less regularly than usual.

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