UCLA Department of History Colloquium, December 8, 1999

In Search of Pueblo Cultural Change during the Nineteenth Century

Ross Frank
Dept. of Ethnic Studies, UCSD

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NOTE: the thumbnails are each linked to a larger version of the image.
The numbers referto the reference in the text.

001-Drum Beaters, Zuni.jpg

002-Powder Horns, Zuni.jpg

003-Ladles/Dippers, Zuni.jpg

004-Gaming Pieces, Zuni.jpg

005-Weaving Knives, Zuni.jpg

006-Loom/Impliments, Zuni.jpg

007-Heddle, Zuni.jpg

008-Loom/Manta, Zuni.jpg

009-Loom(detail), Zuni.jpg

010-Woven Mat, Zuni.jpg

011-Planting Sticks, Zuni.jpg

012-Stone Axes, Zuni.jpg

013-Leather Petaca, Zuni.jpg

014-Leather Petaca, Palace.jpg

015-Polychrome Jar, Zuni.jpg

016-Polychrome Jar, Kiapkwa.jpg

017-Polychrome Jar, Zuni.jpg

018-Dough Bowl, Zuni.jpg

019-Bowl (inside), Zuni.jpg

020-Small Jar, Siama.jpg

021-Small Jar, Siama.jpg

022-Small Bowl, Siama.jpg

023-Small Creamer, Siama.jpg

024-Teapot, Siama.jpg

025-Antelope, Zia?.jpg

026-Model Kiva, NMNH.jpg

027-Model Kiva, NMNH.jpg

028-Model Kiva, NMNH.jpg

029-Canteen, Siama.jpg

030-Canteen (detail), Siama.jpg

031-Canteen, Siama.jpg

032-Canteen (detail), Siama.jpg

033-Canteen, Siama.jpg

034-Headdress, Zuni.jpg

035-Dance Wands, NMNH.jpg

036-Dance Wands (ob), NMNH.jpg

037-Headdress, NMNH.jpg

038-Headdress (ob), NMNH.jpg

039-Headdress, Peabody.jpg

040-Headdress, MCS.jpg
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