Native Culture and Inter-ethnic Relations at Taos Pueblo

Ethnic Studies 87 - Fall 2009
Class meets in SSB 103 on Tuesday, 9/29, 10/6, 10/13, 10/20. 10/27, and 11/3 in SSB 103, 11:00AM-12:20PM.
Ross Frank
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Frank Waters. The Man Who Killed the Deer, available at Groundwork.

Ethnic Studies 87 articles, available below.


I will judge performance in this class based on the quality of individual participation in the weekly seminar. Reading the assigned material before the seminar session in which it will be discussed will ensure a high level of involvement and discussion at each session. A written essay will be assigned if class participation is not satisfactory.

The reading(s) that follow each week heading are to be read before the seminar meeting for which they are listed.   We will discuss the reading material in detail, so bring the texts and your notes to class. 


SESSION 1 -SEPTEMBER 29 - Introduction to the Seminar

SESSION 2 -OCTOBER 6 - Sacred Land and Ceremonialism

Waters, Frank. The Man Who Killed the Deer. Ohio University Press/Swallow Books, (1942, 1st ed.), 1-40.

Bodine, John. "Taos Blue Lake Controversy." Journal of Ethnic Studies 1978; 6:1, 42-48.

Bodine, John. "The Taos Blue Lake Ceremony." American Indian Quarterly 1988; 12:2, 91-105.

SESSION 3 - OCTOBER 13 - Cultural Conservatism, Anthropologists, and the Government

Waters, Frank. The Man Who Killed the Deer, 41-100.

Parsons, Elsie Clews. Taos Pueblo. Menasha, Wisconsin: George Banta Publishing Co., 1936, 74-120. - PART I - PART II - Series: General series in anthropology. No. 2.

SESSION 4 - OCTOBER 20 - Sacred Land, Activism, and Ethnic Neighbors

Waters, Frank. The Man Who Killed the Deer, 101-163.

Bodine, John. "A Tri-ethnic Trap: The Spanish-Americans in Taos." Spanish-speaking people in the United States. editor. June Helm. program chairman.
William Madsen. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1969.

SESSION 5 - OCTOBER 27 - Social Change at Mid-century

Waters, Frank. The Man Who Killed the Deer, 164-215.

Fenton, William Nelson. Factionalism at Taos Pueblo, New Mexico. William Nelson Fenton. Bulletin, Bureau of American Ethnology 164. Washington D.C.: Bureau of American Ethnology, 1957, 301-344.

SESSION 6 - NOVEMBER 3 - Beyond the Novel

Waters, Frank. The Man Who Killed the Deer, 216-266.

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