Research in Ethnic  Studies

Ethnic Studies 191C, Fall 2011                                                                 SSB 253, Wed.10:00AM - 1:50PM

Professor Ross Frank                                                                               Phone:  (858) 534-6646

Hours:   Weds 1-3PM & by appt.                             Office:  SSB 227


Class Schedule

NOTE: all assignments should be uploaded to the class WebCT/Blackboard site by the due date.


Week 1            March 30         Discussion of outlines - Finalizing the syllabus

Please bring 10 copies of your outline to class.

Graduate student guest discussant – Stevie Ruiz.

Read pages 111-137 (Part III chapters 7 and 8) of The Craft of Research.


Week 2            April 6             Introduction due

Includes revised literature review and methodology section, 12-15 pages.

Read pages 138-181 (Part III chapters 9 through 11) of The Craft of Research.

Featured students: 


Week 3            April 13             No Class.  Write!  Write!  Write!

Finish up research!

Begin writing up findings.

Review Part IV of The Craft of Research.


Week 4            April 20            Research findings I due  ( 7-10 pages)

Featured students: 


Week 5            April 27            Research findings II due  ( 7-10 pages)

Featured students: 


Week 6            May 4:             Research findings III due  ( 7-10 pages)

Featured students


Week 7            May 11             Research findings IV due  ( revisions)

Conference planning:  panels, panel titles, Ethnic Studies graduate student invitations for chairs and discussants

Featured students: 


Week 8           May 18              Presentations practice run


Week 9         May 25      Conclusion due  (5-7 pages)
Presentations practice run too.


 Week 10          June 1            Presentations practice run

                Symposium at 2PM at the Cross Cultural Center


FINAL             June 8               Final Draft Due


Important Information


During the first class meeting we will break the class up into 3 groups of students:

              Group # 1: 

              Group # 2: 

              Group # 3: 


Group members will be responsible for reading and commenting on the drafts of all other group members.  Each week please download the material from each of your group members due for that week from WebCT/Blackboard.  Commented drafts are due back to the author a week later.


Featured students:

             Please note that when you are a featured student for the week, your written work is due on Monday by 5pm (two days before our class meeting).  Please post the weekly writing on WebCT/Blackboard. 

              If the featured students are in your group, you should provide detailed written comments and suggestions on the drafts and return to students by Wednesday’s class.

              If the featured students are not in your group, please read the drafts and give oral comments to the students during class on Wednesday.


Class emails:

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