Some Suggested Native American Web Sites

Ethnic Studies 112B / US History 108B

Ross Frank

Turtle Talk - Blog from the The Indigenous Law and Policy Center at Michigan State, posts news items related to Indian law and politics affecting Indian Country, but connects to many other aspects of contemporary issues, research, and happenings. In addition, Turtle Talk offers links to every Supreme Court case involving federal Indian law in the modern era (1959 to present). Finally, Turtle Talk provides links to the primary documents key to Michigan Anishinaabe legal and political history, and links to all kinds of scholarship about the Anishinaabek and Anishinaabe tribes.

Decolonizarion - Tthe blog site of the online, interdisciplinary, Open Access journal, Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society, which can be found at Decolonization is a journal which centers and privileges various forms of Indigenous knowledges, epistemologies and methodologies for the purpose of decolonization at all levels.

H-AmIndian - American Indian History and Culture, a joint project between Arizona State University and H-NET. Includes an edited discussion list for and a list serve of American Indian excerpted new items excerpted covering indigenous North America. This is a good place to sign up for a daily listserve! You can view and search the logs as well. - History, News and Events from Kumeyaay nations in San Diego County.

Southern California Tribal Digital Village - Begun as a 3-year, $5 million, collaborative project between Southern Calsfornia Tribal Chairman's Association and Hewlett-Packard. This 1st phase ended 3/24/04. Created a high speed, broadband, wireless internet radio connection to the 18 reservations in San Diego county and built educational, cultural, and economic development programs on this backbone. The Tribal Digital Village continues and UCSD is an important partner in this collaboration.

Indian Country Today - Largest circulation weekly American Indian owned newspaper.

IndianZ - Mission is to provide you with quality news, information, and entertainment from a Native American perspective. We make it easy for you to keep updated on news occuring throughout Indian Country. If you're looking for reliable, concise, and relevant information and content affecting tribes and Native Americans, your first stop is Indianz.Com.

Native American Public Telecommunication  - News, music, audio, and video programs from Indian Country, on demand.

Native Tech - An internet resource for indigenous ethno-technology focusing on the arts of Eastern Woodland Indian Peoples, providing historical & contemporary background with instructional how-to's & references.

National Native News - National Native News started production more than a decade ago to provide Native and non-Native public radio listeners with a regular, timely and balanced source of news about Native issues. National Native News covers the social, economic and cultural issues that affect every community, and helps radio listeners understand the interconnectedness between Native people and their non-Native neighbors.

News from Indian Country - The News From Indian Country is a twice-monthly, independent, Indian-owned newspaper supplying national news, pow-wow dates, and information to all of Indian Country.

Navajo Times - Newspaper, the Web's best source for news, commentary, discussions, photos and more about the Navajo Nation. - Run by Victor Rocha, specializes in Indian Gaming news, but extends into all other issues around Indian Country.


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