Maintaining the Identities of First Nations

How are Native Americans Opposing Stereotypes?

Defeated Indian

•Throughout this class, we have been learning about the power of stereotypes and misconceptions to drive policy towards Native Americans..

•From the ‘savage as wolf’ policy of George Washington to the assimilationist policies of the Friends of the Indians, the tropes informing the public about Native Americans have often been the force behind policies, whether benign or malicious towards Indian tribes. For our research project, our group talked about what we had written on our separate research proposals and came up with the common theme of Native American identity as portrayed in different forms of media. Thinking about the topic of tropes that we had been discussing in class, we wanted to know how Native Americans today saw themselves and what they did to maintain their identities outside of these tropes.

"The End of the Trail"
by James Fraser: Just one example of the .
assumptive tropes that limit Native identities
limit Native identities