History of Native Americans in the United States (to about 1890)

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Course evaluation will be based on a midterm, participation in class discussions, one written essay, and a final exam.  Assignment grades will be distributed: midterm 20%; written essay 35%;  final 35%;  and participation in class activities 10%.


All students must attend lectures, read the assigned materials, and finish all assignments in order to complete this course.  There will be general discussion in class in which you are encouraged to participate.  We will relate current American Indian news items and events to the past; items will be available daily from links on the course web site.  You have a responsibility to create an environment conducive to learning during lectures.


Note:  Do not purchase any books before reading this section very carefully! 

A collection of readings and other resources is available from the course website at TED/WebCT.

The following required books have been ordered for this course by UCSD bookstore:

Colin G. Calloway, First Peoples: a documentary survey of American Indian History, 4th edition.

In addition, you will choose one of the following for your written assignment.  I will discuss the books in class to aid you in your choice:

Ella Cara Deloria,  Waterlily

Louis Owens. Bone Game

Leslie Marmon Silko,  Garden in the Dunes

James Welch, Fool's Crow

These books above have been placed on 2 hour library reserve at Geisel. 

SYLLABUS (Click here to download pdf file)

The reading(s) that follows each week's heading are to be read before that class meeting. Longer reading assignments have been repeated over the period given to complete them.  Be prepared to refer to the reading material in class. 

WEEK 0      SEPTEMBER 27         Introduction to History of Native Americans

Colin G. Calloway.  First Peoples, a documentary survey of Native American history, Introduction, 1-13 (pages corresponding to 4tht edition).

Angela Cavender Wilson. "American Indian History or Non-Indian Perceptions of American Indian History?"  23-26.  TED/WebCT.

Maps 1, 3, 8  General maps.  TED/WebCT

WEEK 1      OCTOBER 2              Myth as History and History as Myth

Calloway.  First Peoples, 78-91.

Angela Cavender Wilson. "Grandmother to Granddaughter: Generations of Oral History in a Dakota Family." 27-36.  TED/WebCT

Hurtado & Iverson. Documents 2-5, 20-28 and  Document 2, 58-59.  TED/WebCT.

                     OCTOBER 4              The Pre-contact World in the Southwest

Calloway.  First Peoples, 14-39 and 65-71.

WEEK 2      OCTOBER 9              Contact and Colonization in the Southwest

Calloway.  First Peoples, 91-95.

Hurtado & Iverson. Document 3 , 59-60 and Documents 1-2, 94-98.  TED/WebCT.

Stirling, Matthew W.  Excerpt from Origin Myth of Acoma and Other Records.  1-21, 118-119, plates 1-5, figure 1.  TED/WebCT.

Maps:  2 Present Pueblo Indian Towns and 40 Indian Reservation in CO. NM, & TX.  TED/WebCT

                     OCTOBER 11            Indians, Missions, and the late Colonial Spanish Empire

Calloway.  First Peoples, 198-201.

Hurtado & Iverson. Documents 3-4, 98-104 and Documents 1-2, 229-230.  TED/WebCT.

Ross Frank. "'They conceal a malice most refined': Controlling Social and Ethnic Mobility in Late Colonial New Mexico."  77-94  TED/WebCT.

Steven W. Hackel. "Sources of Rebellion:  Indian Testimony and the Mission San Gabriel Uprising of  1785."  643-669  TED/WebCT.

WEEK 3      OCTOBER 16            Contact and Colonization in the Great Lakes

Calloway.  First Peoples, 95-102.

Hurtado & Iverson. Document 4, 60-61 and Document 3-5, 138-142.

Carol Devens. "Separate Confrontations:  Gender as a Factor in Indian Adaptation to European Colonization in New France."  TED/WebCT.

                     OCTOBER 18            Destruction of Huronia and new French Trade Empire

Calloway.  First Peoples, 122-133.

Bruce Trigger. "Early Native North American Responses to European Contact: Romantic Versus Rationalist Interpretations." 1195-1215.  TED/WebCT.

Harold Hickerson. "The Feast of the Dead Among the Seventeenth Century Algonkians of the Upper Great Lakes." 81-107.  TED/WebCT.

WEEK 4      OCTOBER 23            Contact and Colonization in the Eastern Woodlands

Calloway.  First Peoples, 54-64, 102-111, and 132-142.

Hurtado & Iverson.  Documents 5-6, 61-63.

Karen O. Kupperman. 'English Perceptions of Treachery, 1583-1640:  The Case of the American 'Savage'." The Historical Journal 20:2 (1977): 263-287.  TED/WebCT.

Jill Lepore. "Dead-Men-Tell-No-Tales – John Sassamon and the Fatal Consequences of Literacy." 479-512.  TED/WebCT.

                     OCTOBER 25            King Phillip's War and Dynamics of Eighteenth Century Culture Change

Calloway.  First Peoples, 152-198.

Hurtado & Iverson.  Documents 1-2, 135-138 and Documents 4-5, 140-142.

Gregory Evans Dowd. "Thinking and Believing:  Nativism and Unity in the Ages of Pontiac and Tecumsah." 309-335.  TED/WebCT.


                     NOVEMBER 1          Indian Policy for a New Republic

Calloway.  First Peoples, 218-262.

Hurtado & Iverson. Documents 1-5, 164-170 and Documents 1-3, 200-203.

Francis Paul Prucha.  Documents of United States Indian Policy, #1-3, 13-17  TED/WebCT.

Begin reading your choice from the books listed for your written assignment.

WEEK 6      NOVEMBER 6          United States, Exploration, and the "Release of Energy"

Read book for written assignment.

Calloway.  First Peoples, 274-285, 299-304, and 320-324.

Michelle Daniel.  "From Blood Feud to Jury System;  the Metamorphosis of Cherokee Law from 1750-1840." 97-125.  TED/WebCT.

Kenneth Penn Davis.  "Chaos in Indian Country:  The Cherokee Nation, 1828-1835." 129-147.  TED/WebCT.

Maps 40 & 41 Territorial Expansion I & II.  TED/WebCT

                     NOVEMBER 8          "Civilization" and Removal:  Horns of a Dilemma

Calloway.  First Peoples, 286-298 and 304-319.

Hurtado & Iverson. Documents 4-5, 203-205.

Prucha.  Documents, TED/WebCT, numbers 6, 39-44.

Donna L. Akers.  "Removing the Heart of the Choctaw People:  Indian Removal from a Native Perspective." 63-76.  TED/WebCT.

WEEK 7      NOVEMBER 13        The First Wave:  Going West Before the Civil War

Read book for written assignment.

Calloway.  First Peoples, 332-341 and 366-369.

Hurtado & Iverson. Documents 4-6, 231-238.

Map 43 European Settlement.  TED/WebCT

Robert F. Heizer. Selections from The Destruction of California Indians. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press; 1993; v-xi, 219-229, 268-269.   TED/WebCT.

                NOVEMBER 15        The 2nd Wave:  Taking Possession of the Indian West

Calloway.  First Peoples, 369-384.

Hurtado & Iverson. Documents 1-6, 276-284.

James Riding In (Pawnee). "The United States v. Yellow Sun et. al. (The Pawnee People):  A Case Study of Institutional and Societal Racism and U.S. Justice in Nebraska from 1850s to 1870s." Wicazo Sa Review 17:1 (2002): 13-41.  TED/WebCT.

Prucha.  Documents, TED/WebCT, numbers 79, 81-83.

WEEK 8      NOVEMBER 20        The Plains in 1860-1890s in History and Art

Read book for written assignment.

Calloway.  First Peoples, 341-402 and 470-475.

Pekka Hämäläinen. "The Rise and Fall of Plains Indian Horse Cultures." 833-862.   TED/WebCT.

Raymond J. DeMallie. "'These Have No Ears:'  Narrative and the Ethnohistorical Method." 516-538.  TED/WebCT

Map 41 Indian Reservations in ND, SD, NE, and Kansas.  TED/WebCT


WEEK 9      NOVEMBER 27        The Push for Assimilation:  Religion and Culture , Privatizing the Reservation

         WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT DRAFTS DUE (rewrite option only)

Read book for written assignment.

Calloway.  First Peoples, 412-469.

Hurtado & Iverson.  Documents 2-3, 317-319 and Document 1, 348-351.

Prucha.  Documents, TED/WebCT, numbers 95-99 and 101-102

Leanne Hinton. Flutes of fire : essays on California Indian languages.  Chapters 5 and 6: 60-93.  TED/WebCT.

Jo Ann Ruckman.  "Indian Schooling in New Mexico in the 1890s:  Letters of a Teacher in the Indian Service." 36-69.  TED/WebCT.

Map 37 Indian Reservations in California and Nevada.  TED/WebCT

         NOVEMBER 29        Understanding the Ghost Dance Movement and the "End of the Frontier"

James Mooney.  Excerpt from: The Ghost Dance Religion and the Sioux Outbreak of 1890.   19-45.  TED/WebCT.

Map 49 Ghost Dance Religion, and Map 50 Wounded Knee.  TED/WebCT

WEEK 10    DECEMBER 4           Narrating the Nation, Erasing the Indian

         WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT DUE (beginning of class)

Calloway.  First Peoples, 202-207 and 263-266.

Prucha.  Documents, TED/WebCT, numbers 104-107

Maps:  4, 6, 8, 10 (Indian population charts).  TED/WebCT

                     DECEMBER 6           Surviving the Nineteenth Century

Rennard Strickland, and William M. Strickland. "Beyond the Trail of Tears:  One Hundred and Fifty Years of Cherokee Survival." In Cherokee Removal : Before and After. 112-138.  TED/WebCT.

LeDON  A. Emenhiser. "A Peculiar Covenant:  American Indian Peoples and the U.S. Constitution."   3-11.  TED/WebCT.

Thursday    DECEMBER 13                       FINAL EXAM          3:00 – 6:00 PM

                     (Please confirm place & time in Final Exam Schedule)

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