Ross Frank, Dept. of Ethnic Studies


University of California, Berkeley, Department of History.
M.A., December, 1985; C. Phil, December 1987,
Ph.D.,December 1992.

Oxford University, Merton College,
Honours BA, June 1983; Modern History, MA, June, 1986.

Yale College, BA, May, 1980: History.

Research Interests

Southern California Indian history and culture in relation to technology and sovereignty.

Plains Indian painting and ledger art, 1860-1900.

Native American history, ethnography, and culture, with special
emphasis on intercultural contact and culture change in the
1750-1880 period:

Pueblo Indian change and adaptation during the late Spanish
colonial period (1750-1821), and under Mexican and early
American Territorial rule (1821-1846 and 1846-1880,respectively).

Pueblo, Spanish, and southern Plains cultural exchange and its historical impact.

Historical change in religious organization and cosmology
among the Great Lakes and northern Plains native peoples
as a system that regulated patterns of resistance and
accommodation to European influence. Preliminary investigation
involved the Midéwiwin and related ceremonial complexes of the
Ojibwa from 1750 to 1850.

Cultural history with an emphasis on the collection, display, and analysis
of material culture.

Social and economic history of northern Mexico during the late
colonial period
(area of dissertation and first book).

Ross Frank / Ethnic Studies / September 20, 2006.