Omo Alto M16

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Omo Alto M16, like site M12, is an Omo style residential site with well-preserved rectangular house platforms and irregular plazas visible on the surface. Three distinct bluff top sectors were investigated (M16A, B, y C). Significant concentrations of Omo style ceramics, lithics and faunal remains were visible on the surface. Architecture and surface materials indicate a Middle Horizon date for the site (500-1000 AD.)

From January through March 1999, Antonio Oquiche H. (Museo Contisuyo) and I co-directed The Omo Alto M16 project. Our goal was to rescue data from M16 that were endangered by the expansion of irrigation agriculture. With the support of INADE/PEPG, the Museo Contisuyo and the MAS project, we employed six Peruvian archaeologists, four students and eight local workers. The excavation of complete domestic units and the unexpected discovery of two Tiwanaku cemeteries, (including an elite Tiwanaku burial) warranted the invitation of four additional archaeologists, and provided important new data on the Tiwanaku occupation of Moquegua.

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