About CV Philippines President Election Results Philippines Drug Killings Dissertation Junking <!-- # Markdown text goes in here --> # 2016 Philippines Presidential Election Results Geography was a fascinating component of the 2016 Presidential Election in the Philippines. The winning candidate Rodrigo Duterte was is the first president from Mindanao, and support there was incredible. Note that in his home town, Davao City, Duterte won more than 95% of the popular vote. This map visualizes the magnitude of each candidates' victory in different municipalities or cities across the country. The winning candidate is denoted by the color and the magnitude of their victory by the strength of the color. <iframe src="Phils_Pres.html" width="800" height="600"> If you cannot see the map here, <A HREF="http://pages.ucsd.edu/~mwdavids/projects/Phils_Pres.html">click</A> here. </iframe>