Current Graduate Students

Andrew Samida
Melanie Beasley
Kristen Snodgrass

Andrew Somerville

Margaret Schoeninger - Students

Previous Graduate Students

Andrew Froehle, Ph.D. 2011, UCSD, now post-doctoral fellow Wright State
Alyssa Crittenden, Ph.D. 2009, UCSD, now post-doctoral fellow UCSD School of Medicine
Erin Henry, MA 2008, UCSD, now student in environmental science, NAU
Tori Heflin, MA 2004, UCSD, now curator at Museum of Man
Holly Reeser, MA 2000, Univ. of Wisconsin, now teaching high school in NM
Kristin Hallin, Ph.D. 2004, Univ. of Wisconsin, now in US Army
Urszula Iwaniec, Ph.D. 1997 Univ. of Wisconsin, now Prof. Oregon State University
Pamela Fitzer, MA 1994, Univ. of Wisconsin
Susan Harris, MA 1992 Univ. of Wisconsin, now Instructor Madison Area Technical College