Konstantin Ash
University of Central Florida
Department of Political Science
4297 Andromeda Loop N.
Howard Phillips Hall, Rm. 311A
Orlando, FL 32816

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Welcome! I am an assistant professor at the department of political science at the University of Central Florida. My research forcuses on political contention in the Middle East, North Africa and the former Soviet Union. Specifically, I aim to answer a broad set of questions related to participation in protest and political violence as well as the electoral politics of both authoritarian and newly democratic governments. In support of this agenda, I have conducted field work in a diverse set of locations, including Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia.

Below, you can find links to my published research and replication data, several working papers and materials from classes I am teaching. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at Konstantin.Ash@ucf.edu.


2018. “`The War Will Come to Your Street': Explaining Geographic Variation in Terrorism by Rebel Groups.” Forthcoming at International Interactions.
[Paper] [Replication Materials]

2016. "Threats to Leaders' Political Survival and Pro-Government Militia Formation." International Interactions, 42 (5): 708-728.
[Paper] [Replication Materials] [Presented at Fall 2014 Conflict Consortium Virtual Workshop]

2016. "Representative Democracy and Fighting Domestic Terrorism," Terrorism and Political Violence 28 (1): 114-134.
[Paper] Data: [Codebook] [.dta] [.do file]

2015. "The Election Trap: The Cycle of Post-electoral Repression and Opposition Fragmentation in Lukashenko's Belarus," Democratization 22 (6): 1030-1053.
[Paper] Data: [Codebook] [LIMDEP and STATA replication files] [Protests in Belarus (1994-2011) .pdf]
Coverage: Belarus Digest.
Invited Article: Strategische Repression und eine zersplitterte Opposition sichern Lukaschenkas Macht. Belarus-Analysen. no. 23. 19.10.2015. In English.
Blog Post (with Miroslav Shapovalov): Explaining Belarus' Sudden Protest Repression. Political Violence at a Glance. April 27, 2017.

2011. "A Game Theoretic Model for Protest in the Context of Post-Communism," Communist and Post-Communist Studies 44 (1): 1-15. [Paper] Data: [.csv] [.dta] [.do file] [Codebook]


“Resentment and Civil Conflict Allegiance in Lebanon"
        - Presented at 2014 Meeting of the Middle East Studies Association, 2015 Meeting of the International Studies Association (JSS), 2015 POMEPS Conference, and 2015 Meeting of Peace Science Society (International).

"Political Networks and Relative Deprivation in Lebanon"
        - Presented at 2015 Political Psychology Pre-Conference at Meeting of the APSA.

"Relative Electrification and Ethnic Rebellion'' (with Fanglu Sun)
        - Presented at 2015 Meeting of the International Studies Association.

"Effects of Climate Variability on the onset of the Syrian Civil War'' (with Nick Obradovich)
        - Presented at 2017 Meeting of the International Studies Association, to be presented at the 2017 Meeting of the American Political Science Association.


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CPO 3103: Comparative Politics (Spring 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018) @ UCF

INR 4060: Causes of War (Fall 2016) @ UCF

POLI 142P: Crisis Areas in World Politics (Summer Session II 2015) @ UCSD
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POLI 142L: Insurgency and Terrorism (Summer Session II 2014) @ UCSD
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POLI 142Q: Politics of the Cold War (Fall 2013) @ UCSD
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