Veterinary school and primate medicine

One primate-oriented career option is veterinary medicine. There's not a lot of private practice with nonhuman primates (cats & dogs tend to pay the bills in that sector) but zoos, research institutions, and a few field sites/conservation NGOs have needs for veterinarians who know something about primates.

First off, check out Careers in Primatology: Veterinary Schools which has contact information for a number of schools.

Here is another good information source, which in fact provided the background for the page listed above. It is from a Feb. 2001 Primate-Science posting by Janette Wallis (who solicited opinions on Primate-Science). From here out, it's Janette talking [except for a couple of [NOTE:s].

I've provided here: the top five schools mentioned by respondents (number in parentheses is the number of "votes" received); list of "honorable mentions"; selected comments regarding the top five programs; and some general advice offered by respondents about veterinary programs .

"Top Five" Veterinary Schools that are "primate-friendly":

[NOTE: the numbers of 'votes' are small, so take these with a grain of salt; this is a grainy snapshot of some opinions in 2001, no more, no less.]

1. University of California, Davis (10)
2. Louisiana State University (5)
3. Florida University (4)
4. University of Wisconsin (3)
5. Tufts University (3)

Honorable Mentions:

University of Georgia
Colorado State University
University of North Carolina
University of Missouri
Cornell University






General Comments:

Again, I want to thank all who responded to my request. I know this information (and whatever may be added) will help a number of students planning a future in primate medicine.

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