Assorted career ideas

That says it all :-) Caveat emptor; these come from reputable sources but I can't vouch for all of them. If you have suggestions for items to be added/removed, please let me know at

Sustainability is much broader than "anthropology" of course, but who can not be interested in a sustainable future? Well, OK, available evidence is that there's a lot of such folks around. But if you are interested in shifting that balance, check out which has discussion and advice geared for college students on careers and degrees in sustainability. Looks like focus is more on engineering/technology, but (a) you might be thinking of changing majors, and (b) that just means there is a social science niche waiting to be created and then filled.

Training for work in zoos (from Zool Soc. San Diego ZooNooz Sept. 2002). There are three Associate's Degree programs in the US designed to train professional zookeepers: Moorpark College (CA), Pensacola Junior College (FL), and Santa Fe Community College (FL).

Animal health technician programs leading to RVT (registered veterinary technician) certification are useful for zookeeper (and I assume some field conservation positions); the ones listed by ZooNooz are: Colorado Mountain College (CO), Pierce College (CA), Quinnipiac University (CT), and San Diego Mesa College (CA).

Bachelor's degrees in zoo science are offered at Friends University (Kansas) [note: I got firewall error trying this site, but may have been temporary], and Michigan State University (MI).

For information on summer internships for college students at Zool Soc. San Diego's CRES, email These are competitive, they get something like several hundred applications for each slot, but what the heck -- go for it!