Ugalla, Tongwe East Forest Reserve - Aerial Photos

The following page contains two groups of aerial photos. One group consists of aerial oblique color photos, taken by Jim Moore in 1992. The other group consists of black and white vertical mapping photos, taken professionally in 1974. These are the photos used in creating topographic maps.

The photos on this page are linked to larger sized copies - the size of the file is in parenthesis. The mapping photos were scanned at high resolution and files are large.

The vertical photos are taken with a wide-angle lens, which introduces considerable peripheral distortion; only the exact frame center is free of such distortion (on some frames this is marked by a faint gray cross). It is this distortion that enables mappers to reconstruct accurate 3-dimensional images out of pairs of overlapping photographs. PLEASE NOTE: I have tried to limit the images here to the middle region of the original photographs, to minimize peripheral distortion; the true (undistorted) center of the photograph is contained in each image, but often is not at the geometric center of the image (for a variety of reasons). As luck would have it, few of the Ugalla study areas happened to be on the center of the mapping flight paths, so the Mttindi photos especially are distorted. Thus these are not designed to be used as stereopairs for mapping. To include the entire original photos at fine grain would result in files in the 5MB range. Contact me if you would be interested in access to the original photographs (prints made in Dar from the original negatives).

Aerial Oblique Color Photos

Click to view larger image files

Ugalla Dry Season
(Mttindi area, Samaki V.
on right) (72K)
Mogogwesi River
Valley (62K)
Nguya River
Issa & Mufombosi
Rivers (56K)

Aerial B&W Vertical Mapping Photos

Misc. research areas ("CAN-11/..." etc is the photo ID; centerpoints are marked on the topo maps)
Ilumba region (689K)
CAN-11/019-17 L23-S

topo map (1.4MB)
Bulega region #1 (789K)

topo map (948K)
Bulega region #2 (698K)

[Red spot at corresponding
location on each image]

Mttindi study area. Images are arranged roughly on N-S (top-bottom) and E-W (left-right) axes to facilitate orientation.
Mttindi #1 (995K)
North end of the Mttindi
research area.
CAN-11/019-072 L21
Dark spot bottom
center is "Samaki Lake"
Corresponding topo map (1.7MB)
Left: Mttindi #2 (732K)
Image includes Issa River (on left)
and Mufombosi River (on right);
they join at top
CAN-11/026-225 L20

Right: Mttindi #3 (819K)
CAN-11/019-073 L21

Left: Mttindi #4 (626K)
CAN-11/026-226 L20
I have found nests in the thick
riverine strip along the Issa R

Right: Mttindi #5 (890K)
CAN-11/019-074 L21
River along right edge is the Mogogwesi.
Corresponding topo map (1.9MB)

Right: Mttindi #6 (851K)
CAN-11/019-075 L21
Riverine strip top right corner
is the Mogogwesi R., Hideshi
Ogawa's camp is below, on
right edge of photo (remember
edges are unavoidably distorted!)
Corresponding topo map (1.7MB)

Nguya River study area. North is toward top of screen. "Detail" image is a closeup of an area next to a papyrus swamp that is regularly used by chimpanzees. Note that these photos were taken ca. 1974; the village of Buyenze was abandoned about then and little remains of it.

Buyenze (W of main site) (615K)
CAN-11/020-2 L17-S

topo map (1.8MB)
Nguya camp (534K)

topo map (1.8MB)
Nguya detail (458K)

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