Mahale Mountains - Maps

Topographic maps from Series Y742 -- East Africa (Tanzania) 1:50,000. The gridlines are at 1km intervals, and are numbered using a coding system that allows one to identify locations to within about 100m (by interpolating). Since these scans rarely include the borders (hence codes), the current images cannot be georeferenced that way; if there is any actual demand for adding gridline coordinates let me know and I'll upgrade them. The main research camp at Kansiyana is located on the "South-Central [Kasiha]" image below. Note that the green areas on the maps indicates "forest" while the unshaded is almost all "woodland"; these classifications are rough and based on the mapping photographs only. Within any single map they tend to be fairly accurate ("forest" patches are generally more dense than "woodland" and more likely to contain evergreen trees) but I am not convinced they are consistent across maps -- e.g., they should not be relied upon to compare Mahale and Ugalla.

These images are intended to be useful if downloaded and manipulated/printed; hence in most cases they were scanned at 200dpi and are very large -- some main images exceed 2MB. If this system proves impractical let me know and please suggest alternatives. Some sites are huge -- e.g., "Ugalla" covers more than 1,000 km2. To scan all the maps at 200dpi would come to roughly 75MB; not practical. If you are particularly interested in detailed coverage of an area that does not appear in these scans (e.g., the "back side" of the Mahale Mountains), please let me know the coordinates you'd like and we'll work something out.

If you have any trouble downloading any images, let me know and I will see what I can do. Note that this page includes maps for sites not actually part of Mahale Mountains NP (Filabanga and Kasakati) at which important early studies of the region's chimpanzees were conducted.


Filabanga Region
Kasakati Region
Mahale Mountains
Mahale - North
(1.4MB) [Bilenge V.]
Mahale - North-Central
(1.7MB) [Miyako V.]
Mahale - South-Cenral
(1.8MB) [Kasiha V.]
Mahale - South
(1.8MB) [Lubulungu R.]
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