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Published April 2017
A Half Century of Occupation:
Israel, Palestine, and the World’s Most Intractable Conflict

The Israel-Palestine conflict is one of the world’s most polarizing confrontations. Its current phase, Israel’s “temporary” occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, turned a half century old in June 2017. In these timely and provocative essays, Gershon Shafir asks three questions- What is the occupation, why has it lasted so long, and how has it transformed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? His cogent answers illuminate how we got here, what here is, and where we are likely to go. Shafir expertly demonstrates that at its fiftieth year, the occupation is riven with paradoxes, legal inconsistencies, and conflicting interests that weaken the occupiers’ hold and leave the occupation itself vulnerable to challenge.

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MMW5: Making of the Modern World 5
Lecture Outline Slide Show

 Soc 100: Classical Sociological Theory 

Soc 122: Jerusalem: Sacred and Profane

Soc 169: Citizenship, Community, Culture

Soc 178: The Holocaust

Soc 183: Minorities and Nations

Soc 188F: Modern Jewish Societies and Israeli Society

Soc 201B: Classical Sociological Theory II

Soc 269: The Citizenship Debates

Soc 188i/Poli 124: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

01. Intro Yehoshua & Kanafani
02. Tessler & Yiftachel 2
03. 1948 & Naqba
04. The Six Day War 2
05. One Legality
06. Two Legality
07. Three Legality
08. ONE Everyday Life
09. TWO Everyday Life
10. Resistance
12. Veracini & Conquest of Labor
13. ONE Settlements
14. TWO Settlements
15. Religious Turns
16. US - Israel & IHL
17. Feasibility of Two States
18. One State - Binationalism
19. One State - Civic Polity




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