George Mandler

  • I greet my friends and old colleagues and keep them informed of my life in retirement. We split the year between San Diego and London, with some travelling and sea cruises in between, and keep busy writing. I still keep my eye on my first edition collection. My memoirs were published in September 2001 by Erlbaum (Interesting Times: An encounter with the 20th century). My previous book (Human Nature Explored) is now out of print - but available from the author - just send me e-mail. In summer 2002 I published a summary of my papers on consciousness (Consciousness Recovered - published by John Benjamins). My last book -  A history of modern experimental psychology: From Wundt and James to cognitive science - was published by MIT Press early in  2007.  In October 2009 my Viennese origins and experiences came full circle when the University of Vienna awarded me an honorary doctorate. In 2013 I put into press my last paper (on the general limit to human mental structures). Now I am truly retired.

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