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Field Analysis of Air Traffic Control Automation

This project supported the Ph.D dissertation research of my student, Christine Halverson.  Christine conducted field studies at Denver Center and at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport as part of an evaluation of prototype Air Traffic Management tools:  Her dissertation focused on the strategies that controllers developed to use the features of the user interface provided by the Final Approach Spacing Tool (FAST). 


Halverson, C. (1994) Distributed Cognition as a Theoretical Framework for HCI: Don't Throw the Baby out with the Bath-water-the Importance of the Cursor in Air Traffic Control. (Report No. 94-03). San Diego , CA.: University of California , Department of Cognitive Science.

Halverson, C., Harwood, K., Davis, T. J. & Brinton, C. R. (1992) A Systems Approach to Design: Developing A Usable Automation Tool for Air Traffic Control. Proceedings of the 11th Digital Avionics Systems Conference (pp. 167-173). New York , NY : IEEE.