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Technical Ethnology Terms Used in MMW

acephaly affine affinity agnate agricultural intensification agriculture anthropology apical ancestor avunculocality big man big man complex bilateral descent boundary-focused definition brideprice bullroarer cargo cult carrying capacity center-focused definition clan cognate commoditization commodity exchange consanguine consanguinity construction cross cousins cross-cutting ties cultural evolution cultural reproduction culture descent descent line dibble double descent dowry ego endogamy ethnocentrism ethnography ethnology exogamy extensive cultivation fallow function gift exchange group hamlet horticulture hypothesis intensive cultivation kinship kinsman kinterm lineage matriarchy matriline matrilineage matriliny mechanical solidarity milpa model moiety multiplex relationship nomadism nuclear family operationalization organic solidarity parallel cousins pastoralism patriarchy patriline patrilineage patriliny phratry polyandry polygamy polygyny prescriptive proscriptive reflexivity reproduction role sedentism self-objectification simplex relationship sister exchange slash-and-burn social reproduction society status sumptuary processes swidden systems theory theory totem transhumance uxorilocality virilocality World Systems Theory

Total = 98 items. The definitions in this list are designed to help you in reading and interpreting readings in the Tuzin book, the Hopi essay, the Beattie reading, and in some of the other ethnographies of this course. Some of them are taken from your Sourcebook. Some have occurred in lectures. Others are newly introduced here.

Glossary Modified: 001107