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Lesson 6: Intensifiers

Nahuatl incorporates most pronouns into the system of verbal prefixes. However free-standing pronouns exist which may be used to place special stress on the subject, object, or possessor indicated by a prefix. Caution: These intensifying pronouns do not necessarily intensify only a subject!

Intensifying Pronouns
neh.huatl = I teh.huän(tin) = we
teh.huatl = you (s) ameh.huän(tin) = you (p)
yeh.huatl = s/he yeh.huän(tin) = they



näntli = mother
tectli = jar
calli = house
cuïca = sing
tahtli = father
nehhuatl ni.cuïca
nehhuatl no.cal
tehhuän.tin to.tah.tzin
yehhuatl to.tah.tzin
nehhuatl ni.näntli
yehhuatl ïtecon
tehhuäntin tocal
yehhuäntin cuïcah
yehhuatl cuïca
tehhuatl tinotah
nehhuatl tinotah
tehhuatl nimotah


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Challenge: The last three examples are all built on tahtli = father.

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