An Annotated Glossary of
Specialized Terms in Anthropology

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Most of the terms on this page are associated with ethnology, since that is what I normally teach. Terms used in archaeology have been introduced only as I have had occasion to use them in classes. (They were formerly isolated on a separate page.)

In the case of entries relating to kinship, you may find it useful to read the note on kintype first.

Some terms have warranted slightly longer discussions, which I have called "More About" texts and which are listed on a separate page on Expansions, Rants, and Cautionary Notes. If you do not find a term on this page, it may appear in that list.

Although the definitions and comments are intended to be helpful, I have not tried to be non-judgmental in my comments. Some ideas strike me as stupid, and in such cases I have usually tried to explain why.

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