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Random Roadkill From the Infobahn

Cautionary note: This page is reserved for jokes people have sent me over the Internet.* If you are easily offended, you will like these a lot you should flee this page now. Don't say you haven't been forewarned!

*-I didn't make them up. I am not responsible. I had nothing to do with them. I am computer-illiterate. Don't blame me. I was in Saskatoon at the time and knew nothing about it. I am a very serious person. I don't do jokes. If I had been here to notice, this kind of stuff never would have got in here. Whoever is responsible will be severely reprimanded. And furthermore, you didn't have to come here. It's not my fault if you are snooping around in here when you could be looking at porn sites morally uplifting and educational sites or reading a chaste and edifying book. And besides, I am probably still in Saskatoon and/or this is probably somebody else's account.


Instructions: Flee this page at once to avoid having to see hysterical tasteless Infobahn roadkill. Do not push the "Sock It To Me" button or you will actually see such a joke!

Flee now and retain your self respect!

  1. Jokes About Other People's Stupidity
    1. Stupidity
    2. Foot-in-Mouth Disease
    3. Darwin Awards for Improving the Gene Pool
  2. Jokes Mocking Science, Technology, Religion, and the Work Ethic
    1. Technology
    2. Science
    3. Religion & the Clergy
    4. Work & the Boss
  3. Jokes About English & Jokes About Foreigners & Their English
    1. Puns
    2. The English Language
    3. Foreigners & Their Languages & Their Mis-use of English
  4. Jokes Mocking Professions
    1. Students
    2. Professors (including Anthropologists) & Postmodernists
    3. Lawyers & Politicians
    4. Engineers
  5. Jokes Based on Stereotypes about Women, Men, Children, Ethnic Groups, Etc.
    1. Jokes based on Stereotypes
    2. Men, Women, Children, Old People, Married People, Dead People
  6. Jokes About Sex, About Animals & About Unclassifiable Miscellany
    1. Sex
    2. Animals
    3. Shaggy-Dog Stories & Other Tales
  7. Random Musings

Caution: Pushing the following button will submit your request and plunge you into the world of tasteless and sophomoric mockery!! This could be dangerous to your self-respect as a person of discernment, not to say innocence. Flee now! Turn back!

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