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The whole world is full of dirt!

Dirty Pictures


photo by DKJ
The height of the Amazon varies as much as 30 feet a year, so at low water the banks are nothing but naked dirt. The river, of course, is brown with dirt.
(Near Iquitos, Peru)


photo by DKJ
Gluey Dirt of Rice Field
(Tainan, Taiwan)



photo by DKJ
Mica Flakes Mixed with Rain-Saturated Red Dirt
(There can be cool stuff in dirt.)
(Western North Carolina)
photo by DKJ
This Egyptian brickworks makes bricks out of dirt. Always has, for thousands and thousands of years.
(Kom Ombo, Egypt)
photo by DKJ
Extremely Dusty Black Nile Dirt
(Kom Ombo, Egypt)


photo by DKJ
Pile of "Holy Dirt" around a tree near a shrine awaits use by faithful seeking miraculous healing.
(Chimayó, New Mexico)
Natural Dirt (and Rock) Formations
(Cappadocia, Turkey)

These are entirely natural. If you are imagining something else, you should be ashamed!



photo by DKJ
Oppressed American Teenagers Forced to Dig in Dirt of Family Gardens
(Location Undisclosed)
This mosque, made entirely of dirt, won the Agha Khan Award for Architecture in 1986.
(Yaama, Niger)


photo by DKJ
Dirt Road
Most human roads are made of dirt. Pictures shows bits of crushed prehistoric stone tools visible in the dirt after a rain. (The road has been in use for a long time.)
(Chuska mountains, Navajo Reservation)
photo by DKJ
Dirt Foundations of Roosevelt College.
UCSD, like all universities, is built on dirt.
(UCSD Campus)


photo by DKJ
Road Dust
No action is too small to move dirt, sometimes a lot of it.
(North Dakota)
photo by DKJ
Dirt Wall
All through history people have used dirt to separate themselves from their neighbors.
(Peruvian Andes)

Background: Mud Bricks ("Attoba"), Central Egypt