Thoughts for the Day

Today is Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

That means that today is day number 291 of the year or 74 days before the end of the year.

Today's Wise Thought From a Famous Person is:
(Number 416 out of 527)

“The tavern chair is the throne of human felicity.”
—Samuel Johnson (1709-1784, essayist)

Today's Quotation Without Comment is:
(Number 267 out of 338)

“You call THIS bibimbap!”
—anonymous customer in Korean restaurant

Today's Made-Up Proverb is:
(Number 188 out of 238)

“Success is his who gives artistic voice to the prejudices of his audience.”
— Anonymous Maxim-Maker

Today's Provocative International Factoid is:
(Number 428 out of 542)

Tigers do not merely have striped fur; the skin underneath is also striped.

Today's Provocative U.S. Factoid is:
(Number 470 out of 596)

In recent years college tuition (and other college costs) have risen at a rate far exceeding the general inflation rate, causing colleges to compete for students by offering “discounts” from the inflated tuition. In 2012 the discount rate for freshmen hit a record high of 45%, so that the average new freshman actually pays only 55% of what in other industries would be called the “suggested retail price.”

Today's Pretentiously Literate Foreign-Language Quote is:
(Number 147 out of 187)

“Med ham faldt Skovens skønneste Træ
For sidste Gang gav det den Døde Læ.”
[Fallen with him is the tree, the forest’s pride; the dead man’s final shelter to provide.]
—Johannes V. Jensen

Today's Folksy But Profound Chinese Proverb is:
(Number 112 out of 143)

(Xiù cái bù chū mén, néng zhī tiān xià shì.)
"A true scholar can understand all the world's affairs without leaving his house."

Today's Factoid or Quote From or About President Trump is:
(Number 127 out of 162)

“To the NRA I can proudly say, I will never, ever let you down.”
—Donald Trump (American president, just before the NRA allocated $31 million to his election campaign)

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