Thoughts for the Day

Today is Tuesday, November 21, 2017.

That means that today is day number 326 of the year or 39 days before the end of the year.

Today's Wise Thought From a Famous Person is:
(Number 445 out of 500)

“History is the shadow cast by the dead. So long as there’s light, the shadow will fall.”
—Jill Lepore (Harvard history professor reviewing a critical biography of Fox News founder Roger Ailes)

Today's Quotation Without Comment is:
(Number 284 out of 320)

“Get those goddamned niggers. And get those goddamned white niggers.”
—James Clark (Sheriff of Selma, Alabama, ordering police to stop a civil rights march, March 7, 1965)

Today's Made-Up Proverb is:
(Number 206 out of 232)

“When a course of action is described as ‘a no-brainer,’ anyone with brains should think carefully before following it.”
— Anonymous Maxim-Maker

Today's Provocative International Factoid is:
(Number 387 out of 435)

A UCI study in 2013 determined that about a quarter of the sulfate pollution on the North American west coast was blown there from China.

Today's Provocative U.S. Factoid is:
(Number 435 out of 489)

Each year merchandise worth about four trillion dollars is abandoned in on-line "checkout carts," presumably because of complex checkout procedures, forgotten passwords, or anticipatory buyers’ remorse.

Today's Pretentiously Literate Foreign-Language Quote is:
(Number 163 out of 184)

“Je me presse de rire de tous, de peur d’être obligé d’en pleurer.”
[I rush to laugh at everyone lest I be obliged to cry over them.]
—Pierre Beaumarchais

Today's Folksy But Profound Chinese Proverb is:
(Number 126 out of 142)

(Duō xiǎng chū zhì huì.)
"Much thinking yields wisdom. "

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