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Breasted: History of Egypt Quiz 3

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1. Ikhnaton tended to ignore Egyptian foreign relations, and Breasted suspects that he tremendously underestimated the power of
revolutionary forces within Egypt 
the Kushites 
the Mittani 
the priests of Bal in Canaan 
the Hittites 
the Mycenaeans 
No Answer
2. When he came to the throne, Ikhnaton (then Amenhotep IV) was sent congratulatory messages by the Hittite king, who
was also trying to win away Egyptian territories 
hoped to win his support for a joint expedition against Mesopotamia 
hoped to marry his rather dim son to one of Ikhnaton’s six daughters 
was quite elderly and wanted to ensure peace with Egypt before he died 
No Answer
3. When he received letters from his vassals in the Levant, Ikhnaton usually
asked his wife to tend to them because he was busy with religion 
asked his wife to tend to them because he himself had never learned to write 
regarded them as military affairs and turned them over to a council of generals 
ignored them 
No Answer
4. Breasted describes an Egyptian vassal named Aziru, who expressed great loyalty to Ikhnaton
and sought to preserve Egyptian interests in Syria 
but was actually making himself into a powerful regional warlord 
but was killed by “accident” by one of Ikhnaton’s more ambitious generals 
but conditioned his loyalty upon huge amounts of gold being sent to him 
No Answer
5. Breasted generally portrays ordinary Egyptians’ attitude towards Ikhnaton as one of
support because they hated the priests of the old religion 
dismay because they felt deprived of familiar religious customs 
admiration because his new capital was so beautiful 
enthusiasm because he freely distributed the wealth of the great temples to the poor 
No Answer
6. Breasted does not say quite how Ikhnaton died, but strongly implies that he was overcome
while campaigning in Syria 
by a crocodile while bathing in the Nile 
by General Horemhab 
by his son-in-law Sakere 
by injuries suffered when a defective sandstone gate collapsed 
by tuberculosis 
by natural causes 
No Answer
7. Breasted describes the chaos that ensued as the royal house crumbled. When a new dynasty emerged —the nineteenth— it was headed not by a member of Ikhnaton’s family, but by
a Syrian prince 
General Harmhab 
a Nubian bandit 
the chief priest of Amon, determined to stamp out Atonism forever 
No Answer

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