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Breasted: History of Egypt Quiz 1

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1. Egyptian personal names (like Ikhnaton/Akhnaten) have variant spellings in English because
some have been transcribed into Latin before passing into English 
some were not originally Egyptian at all 
Egyptians did not write vowels, so different modern writers supply whatever vowels make sense to them 
archaeologists and literary critics use different style sheets 
some spellings were wrongly copied from Wikipedia 
No Answer
2. The name Aten/Aton was originally one of the titles of
Amenhotep III 
the god Ptah 
the god Re/Ra 
Ikhnaton’s wife 
a high court official 
No Answer
3. Amenhotep/Amenophis III was Ikhnaton’s
successor  brother  son  grandfather  father  No Answer
4. Aziru, with his father Abd-ashirta,
served at the court of Ikhnaton 
served in the temple of Amon in Thebes 
had a tomb made for himself in Amarna, infuriating Ikhnaton 
rebelled against Ikhnaton and became a warlord over territories in Syria 
No Answer
5. Harmhab (Horemhab, Horemheb) was
a highly placed Egyptian general 
the governor of Kush under Ikhnaton’s father 
the sworn enemy of all priests, whom he considered scum 
secretly a priest of Amon 
killed near Aswan just as Ikhnaton came to the throne, plunging the army into chaos 
No Answer
6. James Henry Breasted, the author of A History of Egypt, wrote it while also working on
a novel about a dancing girl at the court of Ikhnaton 
a five-volume work of translations of monumental inscriptions of Egypt 
the creation of a center for Egyptological studies at the University of Chicago 
his dissertation in Egyptology at the University of Berlin 
No Answer
7. The Hittite empire, as it expanded out of its homeland, moved southward into
Turkey  Israel  Egypt  Libya  Syria  Mesopotamia  No Answer
8. The Hittite king’s memos to the Egyptian king were
demands for Egypt to surrender 
refusals to surrender to Egypt 
requests for princesses to marry his many sons 
concerned with their joint administration of the territory that lay between them 
normally very cordial, despite conflicts of interest between the two empires 
No Answer

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