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Some tips on writing a good political science essay. Poli 12 students, read this!
Some tips on writing emails to professors (and, I would argue, TAs).

Current Quarter (Fall 2010): Poli 12: International Relations
Professor Philip Roeder
Warren Lecture Hall 2001, MW, 11:00 am - 11:50 am

Section Syllabus

Past Quarters:
Spring 2011: Poli 140: International Law and International Organizations (Grader, with Yon Lupu)
Winter 2011: Poli 120: European Political Developmen (Grader, with Victor Magagna)
Fall 2010: Poli 12: International Relations (TA, with Philip Roeder)
Spring 2010: Poli 150: Politics of Immigration (Grader, with Saba Ozyurt)
Winter 2010: INT 102: The Modern World Economy (TA, with Lawrence Broz)
Fall 2009: Poli 142A: US Foreign Policy (Grader, with David Fisk)
Winter 2009: INT 102: World Poverty (TA, with Stephan Haggard)
Fall 2008: Poli 11 Intro. to Comparative Politics (TA, with Karen Ferree)
Winter 2008: INT 102: World Poverty (TA, with Stephan Haggard)