McKinnon Broadcasting Profile:

A project by: Charissa Holley, Tiffany Hsu, Crystalle Papa, and Matthew Uhlhorn

Keeping it in the family…

When Michael D. McKinnon got into the broadcasting business, he might not have realized that it would become a family business. But now, 55 years after his first television station got stated, in many ways it has. Calling it a family business may conjure up images of small mom and pop stores for many people, but this family runs things a bit differently. After making its start in Texas, the McKinnon Broadcasting company expanded quickly. Now based in San Diego, they own KUSI-TV as well as San Diego Home and Garden Magazine, and also still own two stations back in Texas. The company is headed by Michael D. McKinnon, with ownership split among himself and members of his family. Here in San Diego, McKinnon and his son, Michael Dean McKinnon run operations of KUSI-TV, while his other son Mark McKinnon took over full control of San Diego Home and Garden about three years ago.

We got a chance to visit the KUSI-TV and Home and Garden offices, located in a quiet spot off of Balboa Avenue. The offices are blanketed in leafy trees and the atmosphere is tranquil. But upon entering the offices, the bustle we are greeted with reminds us that it’s here that television shows are broadcast and a magazine is created.

After speaking with Mark McKinnon about his family, their business, rumors of the future of the company, and even the slowing economy we found out some pretty interesting stuff. Click on the links to the right to learn more.

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